Brand New lyrics – Boston’s Boy

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Brand New lyrics – Boston’s Boy

O Yeah,
I’m brand new like you haven’t unwrapped it
Head over heals got bloggers doin back flips
Am where I am cause my fans and some practice
I could go for 90, bet the kid is match fit
Girls on my page writing Sammy is a bastard
Thinking that they special but got treated like the last chick
Knowing that my fan base stretches like elastic
Jaw droppin beats like its better than the last shit

But still, I’m in the paint by the basket
This that one take new flow straight classic
Yeah I see the true shining bright if you look close
Rappers dropping names forgot to add the foot notes
In all honesty hatings not a part of me
Respect’s in my blood I don’t need a bibliography
I show love cause that’s what I’ve always dug
If ya ass ain’t got a shovel get the fuck out of the mud

It’s sandbox I’m Smalls first time on the Sandlot
Tryin to learn the rules maybe get myself a damn shot
Yeah, I’m hittin veins you could have never drawn
Pumpin blood no rubber bands around the arm
But lookin back when I started as a critics young
To makin hits with a grin as the crowd applause, pause
I’m diggin deeper with my gritty paws
Tryin to get it poppin with a presence no Santa Claus

Yeah, and I’m the spitter who defy’s the laws,
Bringing the heat I’m unexpected like some menopause
Ha, I never thought that one of my songs,
Would spread quick on a thousand different iPods
Yeah, I’m human and I got benign flows
Rappin with the competition chillin up in my jaws
Thinking in my mind how to write my wrongs
Tying all this change into ends that defy laws
Cut it out I wasn’t talking bout the beat though
I’m here to make em get the point like a free throw
Tell my girl to please recline my seat slow
Knowing that I’m colder than the bottom of a ski pole
And if it’s snowing in the city I’m getting blown
With a couple bitches down to ride where he goes
Late night in the Jacuzzi with the same hoes
Catchin’ brains puffin on them Monte Christos
Uhhh I’m back on my spittah shit
Back, ba-back, back on my spittah shit
Yeah, you know I’m back on my spittah shit
Back, ba-back, back on my spittah shit

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