Chal Pichchur Banate Hain (2012)

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Chal Pichchur Banate Hain is a Hindi family comic drama film, the debut film of writer and director Pritish Chakraborty. The film was released all over on 7 September 2012. The film is a delightful satirical take on the Hindi film industry and was appreciated for its fresh and cinematic content. Filming of the movie took place primarily in Goa and Mumbai. Made on a shoestring budget the film explores themes like rampant copy paste in the film industry, the lack of originality in ideas, the prevailing star system alongside the unending passion of a true cinema lover in a humorous but realistic way through the brilliantly portrayed journey of a young MBA who quits everything and goes against everyone in order to pursue his dream of becoming a filmmaker. Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction of this 2012 film is by Pritish Chakraborty, Music is by Gaurav Dagaonkar, Cinematography is by Hari Nair while the film is edited by debutante editor Amardeep Singh Khichi.

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