Family Name lyrics – Traces

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Family Name lyrics – Traces

I look around to find the way it all began
The years, they’ve turned like the heart of a man
But I’ll say that I’m grateful for the time that has past
And I’ll stay right where I am

Well, I raise my glass with the unfortunate ones
We’re broken and tired from the miles we have run
But our hearts, they are open and the healing’s begun
And now our chance has come

Win or lose it’s a hell of a game
The roads we choose, they all end up the same
So rest your hearts on the family name
And we’ll find our way back home

I look around at the ones I adore
Forgive me the chances I’ve wasted before
But I pray for the courage not to miss them anymore
That’s all I’m asking for

[CHORUS (x2)]

We’ll find our way back home

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