Intro lyrics – The Statement 2

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Intro lyrics – The Statement 2

Well it’s the beast from the bottom
Only holler bout a dollar
Quarter mil around the collar
H double O D the rider, huh

Realest shit I’ve ever stated
Hottest and underrated
Can’t debate it, know they hate it
Now they wonder what I’m makin’
Falsifying accusations
Fuck the rumors they created
I’m the future

Bitch we better then the best
Ain’t no settlement for less
Any nigga wanna test it
And they get graded by the tech
Hop up outta that new slid’a
With a European model
“Getting’ money, ” that’s the motto
Don’t believe it? You can swallow theeeeese

From the bottom to the top
I’ve done been through quite a lot
Khaled tried to tell them niggas, but they wouldn’t give me props
Took a minute, now I’m back up in it
Now they on the jock
If you’ve seen the shit I’ve seen
I guarantee it’ll never stop
I’m that hell on earth
Put my great God first
Body bag any verse
I should record it in a Hearse
Ain’t no ceilin’ on the vert’
Stuntin’ on ’em, know it hurt
Know a bunch of real niggas
But they young, and they’ll learn
Just don’t end up on a shirt
R.I.P my nigga Zerk
Straight up outta reppin’ Broward
Fuck a hater, lay in dirt
Where my CEO at?
We the best, don’t stress
Period, cotax
62 the Maybach
Shit’s stretched, Bowflex
Haaa haters take that
This the statement
Mother fuck the world

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