Tera Woh Pyar (Nawazishein Karam) Lyrics – Momina Mustehsan

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Tera Woh Pyar Nawazishein Karam Lyrics from Coke Studio 9 is blend of two romantic tunes sung by Momina Mustehsan and Asim Azhar.Lyric of both are penned by Naqash Hyder and its music is directed by Shuja Haider.

Song Name: Tera Woh Pyar (Nawazishein Karam)

Singers: Momina Mustehsan, Asim Azhar

Music Director: Shuja Haider

Lyrics Writer: Naqash Hyder

Producer: Strings

Album: Coke Studio Season 9, Episode 6

Superb, wonderful, and soul blending are all words best to portray ‘Tera Woh Pyaar’ and “Nawazishein” brilliantly performed by Momina Mustehsan with music composer Asim Azhar om coke studio season 9. The both romantic songs are initially sung by Shuja Haider, highlights him as the music director.The delicate piano and the unobtrusive sound of the sitar make a fitting climate for Momina’s delicate vocals, sung with most extreme elegance, as Asim warbles over realistic violins about the romantic tale, pressed loaded with feelings. Halfway through the term, as the track accumulates energy, it unites components of the Pakistani pop scene of the former time, and takes you to a fantastic spot while commending sentiment and abandoning one stricken.

Tera Woh Pyar (Nawazishein Karam) Coke Studio Lyrics

Baatein teri karte huwe
thak ke so jaati hoon
sirhane aasamaan.

Endlessly reminiscing about you I fall asleep next to the sky.

Jaane kahan mud jaati hain
dekhte dekhte tujhe yih galiyaan,

teri tarah khush-bu chale
taare hamaari tarh raaton se mile.

I wonder where these paths disappear
as I stand here waiting for you
the fragrant breeze reminds me of you
stars meet the sky as your heart meets mine.

Suni nahi
zamaane ne teri meri kahaniyan
karde koi
nawaazishen karam mahrbaniyan.

Yeh aarzu thi kih dekhe yeh duniya
hum jaisa kyi diwana hi nahi
nawaazishen karam mahrbaniyan.

The world has never heard a tale such as ours
can someone show us some mercy and kindness?
the wish was that the world should see
that there are no two such crazy lovers as you and me
can someone show us some mercy and kindness?

raat andheri mein chhup rahe the
gum ek sawera dhoond rahe the
sadiyon se jaise jaag rahe the
pyaar ko apne thaap rahe the.

we were trying to find a lost dawn
it was as if we had been sleepless since centuries
we were concealing our love for each other.

Phir gir pade
koi mila nah sahaara kya karein
suni nahi zamaane ne teri meri kahaniyan.

Then we missed our step
there was no one to save us from stumbling
the world has never heard a tale such as ours.

Tera wuh pyaar
yaad aaye ga
bhoolega na yeh dil mera
kya ho gaya socha nah tha,

tera woh pyaar
tera woh pyaar (x3).

The memory of your love will stay with me
my heart will not let me forget
never imagined that this could happen
the memory of your love.

Teri woh khamoshiyan
keh deti theen wo sabhi
jo tu nah keh saki.

Your silences would say to me
all that you could not bring yourselves to say.

Kaise bataati tujhe
sharmaati thi main
jaise aanchal meni jalta diya.

How could I tell you what was in my heart?
I felt hesitant as a lamp glimmering from behind a veil.

Khoye kahan
mujh ko bata
tera woh pyaar yaad aayega
bhoolega nah yeh dil mera (x2),
kya ho gaya socha na tha.

Tell me where we disappeared
the memory of your love will stay with me
my heart will never let me forget
never imagined that this could happen.

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