Let’s Ride lyrics – Kablammo!

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Let’s Ride lyrics – Kablammo!

Let’s Ride lyrics

Consider quitting, but it just won’t sit
Knocked on the canvas but I won’t submit
Pushed to my limits and I almost cracked
This tide is turning and I’m fighting back

Let’s ride
Leaving behind all we know…
I will set your heart at glow…

Don’t let them tell you that it can’t be done
I learned to pay no heed to anyone
It flies right off me when they criticize
I keep my mind fixated on the prize


In a hole the darkest chasm
Black as night too deep to fathom
Felt the pressure take it’s toll and
It got out of my control
At the edge of desperation
When I felt your inspiration
The point of no return
It’s time to let it roll

[Chorus x2]


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