Yes Lord lyrics – Inland Empire

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Yes Lord lyrics – Inland Empire

Yes Lord lyrics

[Intro/ Bridge:]
I got my realest niggas in the house
We ridin’
Head first, said it’s hard, you’re still looking for
No heart ache
No, no, oh

[Hook – Travis Scott:]
Till the world with my real niggas
Yes Lord
Living the life you other niggas would kill for
Burning money, like it ain’t nothin’
Yes Lord
Living the life you other niggas would kill for
Champagne for all the pain
Yes Lord
Trapped in a life you other niggas would kill for
Running town with my real niggas
Yes Lord
Pray to God that this the life
That we made for

[Verse 1 – Price Tag:]
(One time)
Click- clack when the heat clap, do you need that?
I killed the beat, R.I.P, no repass
Never taken my girl shopping, new shoes
She don’t need that, she only in
One position, I guess I could buy her knee pads
Gettin’ this paper, my manager chargin’ 10 racks for the bookin’
Pot on the stove, that’s that yola
That’s never top ramen we cookin’
Young and from Cali, but rappin’ like
All of them OG’s in Brooklyn
You mad cause your chick in my crib
And you thought that she’d never be tooken
But nigga, you dealin’ with greats
All my niggas go ape
I got G’s behind me, Like (like) letter (letter) H (H)
And it’s real niggas, no fakes over here
Go-getters, no brakes over here
Straight shots, no chase over here
Broke niggas go way over there!

[Hook – Travis Scott]

[Verse 2 – King Chip:]
Early morning smoking, know a nigga living
I don’t really care what cit’
I’m goin’ way, way down in the jungle
Deep, when most of my niggas is dead
Every day I avenge my nigga, off in the LV shoes, I walk
They classify me as a nigga
Just based off the way I talk
All my night I live a legend
When I rapped my out of the ghetto where
If niggas don’t know you, they won’t say hello
And as killer bee kill, better keep that mellow
Bad ass Cleveland hoes is right, Ass so fat
But that money on my mind
Long ass hair, land lord don’t care
Niggas just need them ends on time
Catch me close to PCA’s, Breathing all that THC
Bitch I’m with probably got a man but
We both know that he ain’t me
Sip that lean with ice, and a nigga so nice
Go ahead girl roll them dice, what’s the chance
You drop them pants, give it up to a nigga
That could change your life?
Heavy on the reigns, I’m the city God
Nigga don’t change and you know a nigga hoggin’ up lanes
Prolly in the Benz with the engine, prolly in the Range
Cause you know a nigga stay with them things
Californicating on the weekly, chiefing on the daily
Chip is crazy, crazy mean
And stunting on these haters, baby



[Verse 3 – Oktane:]
Aww man, here he come
It’s mister cocky, mister know-it-all
Kawasaki-aki, papi
Prolly finna blow it off
Pocket full of money and you mad
I wanna show it off, real niggas? (laugh)
Your name ain’t one I know at all!
Always grindin’, prolly workin
You is broke, your pockets hurtin
Yo’ girl come [?], RnB
That Rodney Jerkins, might be cause we the best
Or, we the hottest this year and the next 4
Either way, it’s the same answer: Am I that nigga?
Yes Lord!
What I’m talking bout next 4? Next 8
We gon’ be the hottest here till the next decade
Tock-tock ticking, bought a broad with a neck brace
More love, more love, less hate
I’m Mike Jackson, J5
Code red, stay fired
I’m smokin’ Yes Lord, sippin Praise God
And excuse me while I stage dive
Cause I’m

[Hook – Travis Scott]


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