Amber Glow lyrics – Day Job

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Amber Glow lyrics – Day Job

Amber Glow lyrics

Sun up, we’re up, we’re dressed
A cup of coffee and a kiss goodbye
In a hurry and we always miss
The best part of a morning sky

But here we are eight hours later
At home where the world winds down
Couldn’t paint a better picture
Than the one we’re in right now

You and me in the amber glow
Side by side on the back-porch swing
Watching that ol sun sink low
Ain’t life a beautiful thing
A little breeze and a windchime song
All the worries of the day let go
I’ve been waiting for it all day long
You and me in the amber glow

Long shadows slowly fading
Telling us the day is done
Move a little bit closer baby
This night has just begun

Here comes that final moment
Like a candle going out (burning down)
Can’t be no better feeling
Than what we’re feeling now

[Repeat chorus]


Everyday it seems brand new
Something to look forward to

[Repeat chorus]


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