Blank Space Parody lyrics – Greatest Hits 2014

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Blank Space Parody lyrics – Greatest Hits 2014

Blank Space Parody lyrics

[Taylor Swift:]
What’s up people? Satan’s back
By now everybody knows that’s me
And now I’ve got a new hot man
Saw his Vines and I thought

Oh my God, look at his face
Who cares if he’s underage
Time to ruin your life, babe

[Nash Grier:]
Wait, what?

[Taylor Swift:]

I’m not on Spotify
To hear my album you’ll have to pay
It costs $13.99
Sold a million in a few days

My God, I’m so rich
Some people say I’m a greedy bitch
Now I am painting his portrait

[Nash Grier:]
Can I please get up?

[Taylor Swift:]
Move and I’ll slit your wrists

I am the dark lord of evil
One day soon I will rule the Earth
But I got this cute new boyfriend
And I gotta torture his ass first

This is how I always do it
I cast a sweet love spell
And once they’re in my web I become

The girlfriend from hell

There’s a mean YouTube guy
Who does song parodies about me
I would like to see him die

[Nash Grier:]
Is Bart Baker the one you mean?

[Taylor Swift:]
That’s right! Bart Baker!
I’ll crush him! That hater!

[Nash Grier:]
Then why did you copy him?

[Taylor Swift:]
Say what?

[Nash Grier:]
Have you read the comments on
YouTube about this video?
Fans say you stole his plot
By acting nuts and psycho

[Taylor Swift:]
I’ve always been this way!

[Nash Grier:]
You are totally insane!

[Taylor Swift:]
What’s wrong sweetheart? You look scared

[Nash Grier:]
Oh my God, you’re the Devil!

[Taylor Swift:]
Your worst fucking nightmare!

My boyfriend found out I’m Satan
It happens every single time
There’s no chance of him escaping
So don’t you even try!

Now I’m gonna stab his painting
And cut holes in his clothes
Next step is to kill you, baby!

[Nash Grier:]
Dating Satan blows!

[Taylor Swift:]
It’s time for you to be tortured
Then you’ll be sacrificed
Who are you?

[Pope Francis:]
Pope Francis

And by the power of Christ
I cast you out unclean spirit
Leave her forevermore
I command you to be gone in

The name of the Lord

Did somebody call me?
I think I heard my name
I was next door recording
A new song for the Hunger Games

[Pope Francis:]
We’re performing an exorcism!

[Taylor Swift:]
Your mom sucks cocks in Hell!

[Pope Francis:]
The power of Christ compels you

Demon be expelled!


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