What About Love Parody lyrics – Greatest Hits 2013

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What About Love Parody lyrics – Greatest Hits 2013

What About Love Parody lyrics

[Austin Mahone:] I- I’m a clone of Bieber wear oversized sneakers and sing into mirrors.
And my- my government grew me in a laboratory to become the next big teen hearthrob.

[Scientist 1:] Everything’s looking good next we should test out how he performs the hook!

[Austin:] Now I’m outside, my friends are dancing like tools.
See a black guy, and high five him so that I look cool.
Chasing a broad acting like I am in love.
Singing a song that sounds twenty years old and also my hat is dumb.

[Justin Bieber:] Who is this scum?

[Austin:] Why are you walking away? I guess you must be gay, ’cause I’m fucking perfect, bitch.

[Girl:] No, it’s because you look 9, and I hope you realize that this song sounds just like Bye Bye Bye.

[Scientist 1:] Everyting’s looking great, with Austin.

[Scientist 2:] Wait, who is that?

[Scientist 1:] Oh shit it’s Justin.

[Justin:] This needs to stop.

[Scientist 2:] Crap he found us this is bad.

[Justin:] You think you’re hot, but you don’t even wear drop crotch pants

[Austin:] Justin piss off, I’m the new you kiss my ass

[Justin:] That’s the last straw, I challenge you to a swag match

[Austin:] OK it’s on! Swag swag swag swag swag.

[Justin:] Like Donkey Kong! Swag swag swag swag swag swag swag.

[Scientist 2:] What the hell is happening?

[Scientist 1:] Their egos are colliding, it is causing an earthquake we need to deactivate.


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