Love Souvenir lyrics – Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II

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Love Souvenir lyrics – Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II

Love Souvenir lyrics


[Verse 1 – Bas:]
So what do you do? Your job? Nah
I mean, your passion if you have one
It could pass you, better grab one
And what do they do (who?)
My squad – fiends
Niggas stay on it (on it)
See this nigga roll it (roll it)
Go on and light it
But you gotta pass to me
Besides, my shit get tied up
‘Cause I don’t really pass three
And I ain’t pass it yet
But could ash it, please?
I’m still smoking that shit
You fuckin with Master Chief
But I ain’t Halo (Halo)
But I’m okay though (I’m good)
Got food, got a horse in the stable
Got a move, are you able?
But I lose the days, come chicks to play
Play a game of spades
These days is ace of spades
But half these bitches fakes
Zonin but I’m wide alert
Phone in, I gotta buy some work
Oh, got that granddaddy purp
I say “man, that’ll work”
Got some OG, I mix em up
This blunt – elevator
If you’re up, hello hater
I can’t see you, my vision blurred
I love my bitches, all my bitches
It’s me and them not his and hers
We be smoking, we be drinkin
We be fuckin, tell her quick
“Would you please stop saying we
‘Cause we mean nothing, celibate”
Sure I’m bout it, adamant
I’m straight up nigga, don’t you be frontin, let’s do it

[Hook x2 – Bas:]
Let’s do it there
Or we could do it here
But when we done it’s a love souvenir

[Verse 2 – Bas:]
I’m really not that mean
But my thoughts is so cruel
Little nigga, don’t you get involved
I’m so ahead of ya’ll
It’s the year 20-42
I just ball, I’m old school
Bet that bitch fresh right now
I don’t step, press right now
What you want me to say to you
Guess I’m impatient so I want sex right now
You won’t get face trig, don’t be so basic, I just want you here right now
Fiendin, I rep it – Queen to Houston, Texas, London, Essex
I know this ain’t my town
But I’m in this bitch right now, fiendin

[Hook x2 – Bas]


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