All That Matters Parody lyrics – Greatest Hits 2014

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All That Matters Parody lyrics – Greatest Hits 2014

All That Matters Parody lyrics

Oh oh, this whole year I’ve been stoned off my ass
So bad that I grew this ratstache, it makes me look manly
No it actually, makes you look sleazy
Oh oh, whenever I’m wearing this boy dress
It feels like I’m missing my penis, yeah
And my shirt’s so oversized
It makes me look like a twelve year old girl, oh yeah yeah

You think I’m spoiled
A self absorbed privileged brat
You hit me right on the head
Who in the hell just threw that?
I’m pissing in this bucket to make the working man cry
If you are not rich you should die

I’m all that matters to me, yeah yeah
Don’t care about nobody else
I’m in love with myself
I am pure conceit
Stop throwing bottles at me
Ow ow, throw another one and I will scream
Fine I’m leaving this scene
I won’t use my feet, these black guys will walk for me

Check out this pic. Don’t I look so fine?
Here’s me and Will Smith. God I’m so tight
Will you please stop forcing me to, look at your dumb pics
I cannot take it, oh oh
I wrote in Anne Frank’s ledger
Thought she would have been a Belieber
You are worse than a Nazi
I would never Belieb in you, you douche!

I do graffiti, speed in my Ferrari
I even spit on my fans, if they get too close to me
I’m so cool that some creep got surgery to look like me
But the surgeon failed terribly
I just went thru puberty, yeah yeah
That’s why I’m acting sexual
In which hole does my penis go?
That’s it! I’m leaving!
Nobody walks out on me
You bitch, black guys come carry me away
I want sex and I will pay
Let’s go on vacay
Brazil is calling my name


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