The Monster Parody lyrics – Greatest Hits 2014

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The Monster Parody lyrics – Greatest Hits 2014

The Monster Parody lyrics

I’m friends with a monster he’s name’s Eminem
Going to take a journey inside of his head
I’m trying to save him don’t fight this process
Have you seen Inception?
Yea, we stole that conception.

I’m inside my brain trying to find out my true freak, you see.
Need to reveal the real me
Do you think that this elevator’s an antique?
I think I’m going to get motion sick, excuse me.
Looks like I ate cake and tacos too and there’s mom’s spaghetti.
Knees weak, palms are sweaty, wrong song you deadbeat!
Now I see me, wait this is confusing
Why do I look like a baby?
It’s the birth of Slim Shady
Don’t you see?
You and Dr. Dre create me
Get me out of here RiRi.

Oh shit, he woke up, time to hit him back to sleep.
Goddamn, I’m back in this weird dream.
I’m beginning to think that Rihanna is not a real shrink, you should just listen to me.
Do drugs, bash gays
Hate on boy bands, and always be angry
Here’s some pills to help you think

Em should get a sponsor
He’s such a pill head
Maybe from Vicodin, Valium or Ambien
He’s always so pissed off
He can’t catch his breath
Eminem calm down please
Stop with all the yelling

Flashback to my wigger mindset
I look like I stole somebody’s over-sized UPS outfit and freebased in it
And on top of all of that crap
I’m wearing a doo-rag and can’t control my hands

Cut me slack I was trailer trash
Who the hell’s this faggot ass dude yodeling
Dude I don’t know, it’s your weird ass dream

I’m here Elton John the gay pianist you’re still using that word? Time for you to pay, come here give me a kiss. Oh no, my toupee!

Without that stupid wig you look cute actually can I please suck your dick?
What the hell’s happening in my head?
Why did I just offer dome to a gay guy?
If I’m relaying what the voice in my head’s saying I really am disturbed.

Marshall’s on a roof now, how did that happen?
Pretty sure that elevator was descendin’
I guess his messed up head can’t tell direction
Whatever, never mind back to the storyline

This song’s almost over this must be the end
(Whatever is)
Whatever is in that box must be his demon.
(Great, what the)
Wait, what the fuck it’s a giant M&M.
(You dumbass)
You dumbass, don’t you see?
This is your destiny.
Set yourself free!


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