Scream And Shout Parody lyrics – Greatest Hits 2013

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Scream And Shout Parody lyrics – Greatest Hits 2013

Scream And Shout Parody lyrics

Bring the cancer

When you hear this in the club
You’re gonna free shit up
You’re gonna puke up your guts
Because this song really sucks
When I’m outside the club
I’m flashin’ my muff
I’m flashin’ my muff
Makin’ cameras blow up

She’s the X-Factor judge
Whose always drugged up!
She always also looks drunk
Hey Lance, Simon shut up

When I’m driving through the club
I’m doing hit and runs
While I’m holding my son

Driving drunk is fun, ah!

I like to mix lyrics that are total shit
With dance beats that are generic
And then make futuristic videos
That are tremendously boring and dull
I am a total douche who’s better than you
That’s why I have this dumb hair-do
And why I use way too much auto-tune

You are now-now rockin’ with a douche bag and a crazy bitch

Product placement.

Bring the cancer

I’m a fraud
This song was written by my dog
Why the hell do I dance like this?
I look like a drugged up puppet!
You dance like a white dude.

Eh yo!

My lyrics are so meaningless.
My music is so horrendous (somebody kill me)
It makes Soulja Boy seem legit

It’s rubbish!

Eh yo!
Technology gets me so hot.
I just had sex with this robot.

It was robot rape I said stop stop stop!

Eh yo!

Everybody can suck my cock.
I am more important than god
And everybody should know that:
I’m a douche bag!

When I’m on lots of drugs.
I like to sound British.
That’s why I’m talking like this.

You’re not British Bitch.

I’m totally nuts.
That’s why I married K-FED
I did a ton of Meth.
And then I shaved my head.

I am the worst musician of this decade
My songs will give your eardrums AIDS.
I hit my head real hard when I was eight.
That’s why I dress like I’m from outer space.

The random crap I say:
Is this the world
Boom boom pow
And Mazel tov

Somebody needs to make this garbage stop
You are now-now rockin’ with a douche bag and a crazy bitch.


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