Smile lyrics – Grinning Streak

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Smile lyrics – Grinning Streak

Smile lyrics

[Verse 1]
When we were young, we got too old
Never did what we were told
I can have and I can hold
But I can’t buy what I just sold

Smile, won’t you, won’t you smile?
Haven’t seen it for a while
Stay, won’t you, won’t you stay?
I don’t mean that that way

[Verse 2]
We had fun, so time went fast
You don’t hop on; it goes right past
The water’s high; it’s overcast
You’re a rotten egg if you’re in last


Love, tell me that I’m wrong
And I’ll leave you with this song
But please do come along
And bring your smile with you

[Verse 3]
So raise a glass to all that’s good
To everything that we withstood
And there’ll be walls, but I think we could
knock ’em down, and for firewood

[Chorus (x2)]
I don’t mean that that way
I don’t mean that that way
I don’t mean that that way


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