Super Crack lyrics – The Cold Corner 2

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Super Crack lyrics – The Cold Corner 2

Super Crack lyrics

This crack shit’s killing ’em!
This super crack’ll get the job done a lot quicker

Attention in the spot, Southside in the house
Pretty fuckin pops when I get topped right on the couch
Bitch’s eyes poppin cause I popped in unannounced
I’m fresh straight from the dealer we gon’ inhale a whole ounce
Full accounts, foreign and clean, bubbly they love me
Three at a time jugglin, mink cover the snubby
Diamond rings and Blondie flings, I’m fly as Armani wings
Crack flow, and I’m on that Marley green, I’m Charlie Sheen
Winning~! Turn the V.I.P. into sinning
That last round got me spinnin, bet I wake up with these women
Lingerie, even bombs away, makeup on the linen
Six rounds, revolver day, break her when I did ’em
Game spitter, my mind deep, I take these bitch swimmin
Fuck ’em I will forget ’em let the naked pictures get ’em
Good chronic for hard livin, and exotic cars driven
Bars hittin, start shittin when my album start shippin

Trip on, we ain’t trippin, so much money we tippin
Bitches and bottles poppin boy all that fronting’s forbidden
Benjamins with no limit, spend ’em soon as we get ’em
Take ’em back to the future it’s feelin like the beginnin
I’m back back to the top with it, top with it, drop kitted
Drop kitted – e’ry day on that bullshit, the block did it
The block did it… uhh, so I guess I owe you one
Then watch how I get some

Upgradin lil’ gears, gearin up for the summer
Spoke is from the winter, been tearin ’em up with the lumber
I wonder, if I’ll get that feelin before my number’s
called for me to get under through four seasons of stunna
Ain’t no need for the punter, create the hit, make it stick
Take the flick, frontin flickin ashes out my favorite whip
Boom baps and Bentleys makin the neighbors sick
They’d rather me in a coffin cause I’m horsin shit
New Year, I’ma bring it in like the old me
Frozey, racks by the shelf right where the hoes be
We drinkin all night, reflectin on the morning after
His girl a beauty, I’m met charmed and autographed her
The more the millions of dollars, the more the laughter
Four wheelers, Impalas, I’m ballin past ya
Only himself can stop him, he got the town poppin
Rubber bands snap in our lane and hit the ground droppin



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