Wiggle Parody lyrics – Greatest Hits 2014

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Wiggle Parody lyrics – Greatest Hits 2014

Wiggle Parody lyrics

[Snoop Dog:]
Hey yo’ Jason
Wake yo’ ass up
We got a video to shoot today
Awww shit
But I got no lyrics
I was so busy sleeping with all these girls’ that I forgot to write words for my own song!
[Snoop Dog:]
Man you one dumbass muthafucka!
I got it
I’ll make a whole song about big fat butts
And I’ll call it Wiggle

[Girl he was sleeping with:]
Dude that is pitiful
That’s the best I could do
Hip Hop music is screwed
I’ve had like seventeen top ten hits
But most people still don’t know me from shit
[Girl in the party:]
Wait hold the hell up you aren’t Chris Brown?
No I’m Jason Derulo
[Girl in Party:]
I’m out!
Hot damnit
Who ate my damn ham sandwhich
[Random Guy:]
That might the worst lyric
[Random guy:]
Ever written in music
Snoop quit spying on all the young girl butts
[Snoop Dog:]
But I’m a pervizzle
Love the way they jiggle
Think my little pickle
Has grown into a missle
That’s disgusting!
I’m almost halfway through this dumb song
[Background Girl:]
Why the hell did you bring Snoop Dog along
He hasn’t done shit but act like a creep
He’s here cause he’s much more famous than me
[Talking to the girl]
[Talks to Snoop Dog]
You’re Skinny
Don’t pot heads get the munchies
[Snoop Dog:]
Hell yeah
Did you eat my ham sandwich?
[Snoop Dog:]
Hell No,
Are you anorexic?
And will you sing this part cause my lyrics suck?
[Snoop Dog:]
Fashizzle Dizzle Jizzle
Those ain’t word imbecile
[Snoop Dog:]
They are words my nizzle
Check the dictionizzle
[Snoop Dog:]
My raps are so lame lately
Cause I’m lazy
Rap on any piece of shit pop song
Long as you pay me,
Check these ho’s they couldn’t be hotter
Just so
Sad they young enough to be my grand daughters
Completely sold out long ago
About a billion bongs ago
That’s why I rap on crap like this
I’m so high I don’t even know
Cliche Spewin’s what I’m doing
No integrity
Used to be a gangsta
Now I’m just a joke that’s not funny

Who’s that jailbird?

[Chris Brown:]
I’m Chris Brown

He’s Chris Brown, he’s Chris Brown, he’s Chris Brown

[Chris Brown:]
You straight up jacked
My look and sound

His look and sound, look and sound, look and sound

Are you here to start a fight?

[Chris Brown:]
I fight women
I don’t fight guys

[Puts fist up to Chris]

[Chris Brown:]
[Runs away scared]

[The Wiggles:]
Stop this song right now or we’ll kick your butt’s!

Oh shit it’s the wiggles

[The Wiggles:]
This song is crap
You ruined our name dickhole
With this damn track
Now when kids search wiggles
They just find ass
Massive butt’s that jiggle

What’s wrong with that?

[Little boy:]
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
[smacks teens butt]
Damn baby you got a bright future behind you!


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