Wrecking Ball Parody lyrics – Greatest Hits 2013

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Wrecking Ball Parody lyrics – Greatest Hits 2013

Wrecking Ball Parody lyrics

Remember when I was a ten and did not look like a guy
My hair was long, I had clothes on
But now I get nude and cry

Since the VMA’s all the people say
I am a total skank

Grinded Robin Thicke made the whole crowd sick
Especially the Smith’s

I’m basically a wrecking ball for the youth of America
All I want is to brainwash them all with my massive nipples under my tee

We must be like Miley

Now watch me ride a ball and try to make a seductive face
But creepily I totally look just like Nicholas Cage

Time for me to lick this hammer like it’s a big metal pen1s
I’ll lick anything for more attention this condom looks delish

I’ve been looking for this, put some god damn clothes on. You sicko!

I’m naked on a wrecking ball showing off my pale boobs and butt
Now I’m dry humping a broken wall
I went to Disney to twerk crazed and skanky
I need to get therapy

Excuse me I’m here for the p0rn
Bend over girl let’s make this quick

What do you mean? This is not p0rn

Then why the hell are you naked?

Because I’m a wannabe whore who sluts it up to get more views.

So that means we don’t have to screw?


Excuse me!

You are too dirty for Ron Jeremy. Sorry sweetie it’s true.

I ruined a beautiful song with a disgusting video.

OK, this has gone on way too long. You, need to get off our – our construction site.

How do you expect us to work with a crazy anorexic chick swinging naked from our equipment.

And licking and humping everything she sees.

Sorry, but I’m not leaving.

Oh, no, now she’s twerking.

Dear, god, just kill us now please!

Thank’s Liam.

Believe me, it was my pleasure.


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