Big Rube Interlude lyrics – My Grandma’s Basement

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Big Rube Interlude lyrics – My Grandma’s Basement

Big Rube Interlude lyrics

I have thoughts within thoughts
Conscience inceptions perceived through the conceptions of fights I’ve been for
The battle of freedom raged as I waged against the tyrannical mechanics of the architects of my enslavery
Not just body and mind, but economic status
So I dreamed of this apparatus to immortalize my determination and petrify my anger
Convey the emotions of a nation, terrorized from constant danger
Not a hero but a truth sayer, not a politician, a preacher, magician or soothsayer
Merely a dreamer with the muse of rhythmic inscription
A talent that many perceive is said to be a gimmick of encryption
A seamless spring of seemingly meaningless strings of useless info
For those that crave nothing more than the tales of abuse to some nympho
Or perhaps, the epic saga of the million dollar necklace
How you ride huge rims, make cocaine swim and then end up in jail for being reckless
Rarely, can I respect the oblivious nature of ignorant fables
I will not sell my soul or lose control, reel up with my folk and still put food on my table


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