Dawnstar lyrics – Kidsticks

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Dawnstar lyrics – Kidsticks

Dawnstar lyrics

There is starlight burning in our hearts tonight
Hear the moonlight speak your name
We’re a long way hidden form the cold tonight
I see the dawn star falling where you are

You knew the cause
You knew the undertaking
You fought the law
There’s always something else we need
But our love is gaining speed, gaining speed
Now love is gaining speed

When the weather was young the landscape out of reach
And I was lonesome for your love
Well we’re a long way from somewhere we have ever been
And I am thankful what we have is enough

And won’t be ashamed to wear it on the outside
wear that on the outside… of my dreams
Our love is gaining speed, gaining speed, gaining speed
love is gaining speed, love is gaining speed
love is all we need, love is gaining speed


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