I Deserve It lyrics – My Grandma’s Basement

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I Deserve It lyrics – My Grandma’s Basement

I Deserve It lyrics

[Verse 1]
Tried suicide once didn’t have the balls to go all the way
Thought a bottle of pain pills will take all my hurt away
I was so in depression and all this pain was gon’ murder me
I’m still standin’ bitch go tell the fuck niggas come murder me
Born and raised on the Eastside ho
Dad ran out, where the hell he go?
Young dumb ass nigga doing stupid ass shit
What the fuck I know
Mama like “boy better get it together
Here, read the Bible-biti-biti-bibe-biti-biti-bible”
In one ear and out the other that’s how she sound
In the back of my dome
Hid a half of pound in the back of her home
“God damn boy what the fuck goin’ on”
I’m sorry mom, I ain’t built like that
But I’m so stressed out and I feel so alone
Got a little girl, all the way broke as fuck
And I still live in my grandma’s house
So my girlfriend thinks I’m a loser
Bitch, I’m tryin’, God damn, what’s that about?
Fuck it, I feel like givin’ up
I cannot play the cards that God has dealt
I feel like that’s enough
So I dig deep down inside to find a strength for me to buck up
What don’t kill me make me stronger
Now it’s time to get the fuck up

Ki-ki-killin’ everything, I’m on that murder shit
I wake up everyday like that’s the only thing my purpose is
All the pain I felt guess it was worth it bitch
It’s when a nigga makes it to the top, I deserve that shit
I deserve that shit, I deserve that shit
If a hater loses his life, then he deserves that shit
I deserve that shit, I deserve that shit
We deserve that shit
We’re so fuckin’ high, yup bitch
We deserve that shit

All I do is kill shit, kill shit, kill shit
All I do is kill shit, kill shit, kill shit
All I do is kill shit, kill shit, kill shit
All I do is murder, murder, murder
Murder, murder, murder

[Verse 2]
I’ma kill everything in sight
I was put here to murk your life
I’ma rapin’ and murder mics
I’m a demon that cursed tonight
Put my heart on this paper and scribble pain like it hurts to write
This is sport and decapitate motherfuckers the first to fight
First to swing a sword at hoes
Loan that rope, my heart so cold
Fuck, I gave like throw my souls
Rap shit is like all I know
Been patiently waitin’ to flow I feel like I can’t take anymore
I’m drowned in my misery, this depression is breakin’ me slow
Fuck it, gotta get up and fight, can no motherfucker here hold me down
I’ma show these clowns, where the fuck is my crown
Click-click blah, I’ma blow these rounds
Go so hard, we deserve that shit
Back then I was so worthless bitch
Can’t walk one fuckin’ mile in my shoes
Your pussy ass niggas better suck my dick
Yeah, I’m tryna upgrade on my cash flow
I’m kickin’ down the door so what the fuck you think this mask for
Hope you dyin’ slow then come back a faggot’s asshole
Kato on the track, so niggas know I’m ‘bout to spaz ho




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