You Don’t Know Me lyrics – Slow Motion

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You Don’t Know Me lyrics – Slow Motion

You Don’t Know Me lyrics

[Verse 1: Jarren Benton]
Fuck these lame niggas in my city
If any nigga got a problem, tell’em come and get me
It’s Mr. Benton say “good morning” to the bad guy
I’m enjoyin’ every moment, time pass by
These new rappers too emo
I’m just stackin’ bread, I put my bitch inside a mink coat
Told you niggas desert eagle, check your fuckin’ ego
These hoes out here tryin to get a ring like Smeagol
I am sicker than Polio niggas fake like Pinocchio
When I’m in that pussy these hoes catching a holy ghost
I would not go for the [?] word to Moskie Moe
Like a mosquito I’m fly in a tuxedo
It’s east side till it’s rigamortis
These lame niggas throwin stones at a killers fortress
Think I ain’t the illest in the A I blow your brains out
Finna go and bleach her wash these blood stains out
I came a long way from [?]
I pray my grandmama is alive when I win an award
Revenge of the ninja I’m bending the sword
In the back of your head you ain’t ready for war
Don’t get it twisted my nigga I ain’t just some weirdo
I will fuck you up if you play with my fucking euros
I beg your pardon these niggas they out here starving
Shoot at the niggas feet have him dancing, doing the Carlton

[Chorus: Hemi]
You don’t know me like you think you do
You don’t know me like you think you do
I have been hated and loved
And I hope it’s for something
To all the ones who hated I say Fuck ’em

[Verse 2: Jarren Benton]
This Cali weed got me feeling like a astronaut
I just take a couple tokes and then I pass the pot
I’m praying for happiness I ain’t asking a lot
Maybe a lot of bread , head and a glass of ciroc
They put their heaters to your head cause your flashing that watch
Out in a shitty hotel getting ass from a thot
I’m irritated like a Jay with no cash for his rocks
My nigga did a bid the pigs found a stash in his socks
Highschool dropout I’m harassing my pops
Look at me now sucker nigga I’m glad I’ve done stop
No religion I probably won’t die a martyr
I used to ride to MARTA bumbin’ midnight marauders
I’m just trying to be better father than the one I had
Money, cars , clothes and hoes – niggas want it bad
She won’t let a nigga fuck because she’s on a [?]
I threw the deuces at the ho and now she’s on a cab
Brass knuckle beating a bully that fucking murders raps
Niggas shining they oldschools with turtle wax
I put this red dot right where your turban at
If it ain’t about money I ain’t concerned with that

[Chorus: Hemi]

[Outro: Jarren Benton (x4)]
Brass Knuckle Benton the bully
Benton the bully that fucking murders raps


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