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Don’t Explain (2011)

Sinner's Prayer Chocolate Jesus Your Heart Is As Black As Night For My Friends Don't Explain I'd Rather Go Blind Something's Got A Hold On Me I'll Take Care Of You Well, Well Ain't No Way

My California (2010)

My California Life Is Calling Happiness....Any Day Now Love Is The Hardest Bad Love Is Good Enough Drive Sister Heroin Take It Easy On Me Like You (And Everyone Else) Everybody Is Sober Weight Of The World Oh Me Oh My

Starlight (2017)

Starlight There's No Other Name Extravagant Take Courage King Of My Heart God I Look To You The War Is Over I See The Light (Spontaneous) Catch The Wind Old For New For The One You Came (Lazarus) Extravagant (Acoustic)

Have It All (2016)

Shine On Us Faithful To The End Have It All Be Enthroned Pieces Lion And The Lamb Thank You Praises (Be Lifted High) Heaven Come Son Of God Greatness Of Your Glory Mercy Spirit Move Glory To Glory

Tides (2013)

Chasing You Breaking Through Forever Letting Go Come Awaken Love Strong In Us I Can Feel You Give Me Jesus Be Still Heaven's Song Ascend For The Cross

Be Lifted High (2011)

You Are Good One Thing Remains Furious Be Lifted High God I Look To You I Will Exalt What Would I Have Done Hope's Anthem Love Came Down Deep Cries Out God Of The Redeemed Forever And A Day One Thirst