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Ben Haenow (2015)

Second Hand Heart Slamming Doors All Yours Start Again Lions Testify Make It Back To Me Way Back When Brother Something I Need One Night Ready For You Greatest Mistake Every Tear You Cry

Being As An Ocean (2015)

Little Richie Ain't Nobody Perfect The Zealot's Blindfold Sleeping Sicarii Judas, Our Brother St. Peter Forgetting Is Forgiving The I The World As A Stage Sins Of The Father ...And Their Consequence

BE (2013)

Flick Of The Finger Soul Love Face The Crowd Second Bite Of The Apple Soon Come Tomorrow Iz Rite I'm Just Saying Don't Brother Me Shine A Light Ballroom Figured Start Anew Dreaming Of Some Space The World's Not Set In Stone…

Bad Blood (2013)

Pompeii Things We Lost In The Fire Bad Blood Overjoyed These Streets Weight Of Living, Pt. II Icarus Oblivion Flaws Daniel In The Den Laura Palmer Get Home Weight Of Living, Pt. I Laughter Lines

BEcoming (2015)

My Suicide Note (Intro) In My Head Sleep To Dream Eyes Wide Shut Here I Am Me Versus Me Find It (Transition) Live For Today Hey You There