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Extraordinário Amor De Deus (2011)

Geração Bem Aventurada Ressuscita-Me Vitória No Deserto Carpinteiro Não Me Calarei Primeira Essência Somos Livres Rendido Estou Atitude Adoração Sem Limites Sonho De Cristo Rei Da Glória Deus Extraordinário Teus Pra Sempre

El Rio (2016)

El Camino Cigarette Wasting Time Little Bit Of Both L.A. Woman It All Started With A Beer Sweet Time Good As Gold Southern Side You'll Accomp'ny Me You Could've Loved Me

Endless Road, 7058 (2011)

Elevate 1900 Your Favorite Guy Last Night On Earth Still Carta Entrelazadas Stop & Listen I Don't Think So Para Derribar Los Recuerdos Breathe In The Light Don't Give Up My Game Rolling In The Deep Volver He Aprendido A…

Embrace (2015)

Another You Strong Ones Make It Right Face Of Summer Heading Up High Gotta Be Love Hands To Heaven Caught In The Slipstream Freefall Indestructible Looking For Your Name

El Karma (2014)

El Karma Te Metiste Reflejos Del Viejo El Toro Encartado El Señor De Los Cielos El Rey De Corazones Secreto Mexicano Por No Perderte Te Perdí La Verdad Del Hombre El Corrido De La Roca Arrodillate Los Tanates El Corrido Del…

Everything Almost (2014)

Comin' 'Round For Us You Love Me Back Counting Mercies You Forgot You Loved Me Hard To Be Alive I Am A Town Karolina You Were Never Broken What About Me? I Ain't Sinkin' Yet Everything Almost

Efeitos Tour (2012)

Te Odeio Te Adoro Nem Pintada De Ouro Novela Que Não Sai Do Ar Simples Assim Bebendo Cantando E Chorando Você Vai Ficar Em Mim É Fato Efeitos Relaxa Cuida De Mim Todo Dia

English Rain (2013)

Panic Cord Keep On Walking Please Don't Say You Love Me How Do You Feel Today? Home Salvation Ready To Question The Power Of Love Alive Human November Start Of Time Take Me Away Evaporate Wake Up With Me

Everyday Jesus (2015)

Bless The Lord I Am (Miracle) Worth Worth Reprise (Love Lifted Me) Everyday Jesus And You Never Will What He's Done (I'm the One) The Same Deserved Without You The Benediction J-E-S-U-S Free Grateful People

Escape (2014)

Top Of The World Just Fall Run Away Unlove You Be With You Paradise Love You Like The Movies Boomerang I'm Not Going Anywhere Best Thing Give Me A Lifetime