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Former Lives (2012)

Shepard's Bush Lullaby Dream Song Teardrop Window Bigger Than Love Lily Something's Rattling (Cowpoke) Duncan, Where Have You Gone? Oh, Woe A Hard One To Know Lady Adelaide Broken Yolk In Western Sky I'm Building A Fire

Fantasea (2012)

Out Of Space Neptune Atlantis Fantasea Fuck Up The Fun Ima Read Fierce Chips Nathan L8R Aquababe Jumanji Runnin' US Paradiso Luxury Azealia Skit Esta Noche Salute

Feathers & Flesh (2016)

Regret House Of Eternal Hunt The Eagle Has Landed New Land Tooth, Beak & Claw For The Swarm Fiddler's Farewell One More Hill Black Waters Night Never Ending Pray The Sun Away When The Snow Lies Red Raven Wine Sky Burial…

Fight Like A Girl (2012)

Fight Like A Girl Time For Tea 4 o'Clock What Will I Remember? Take The Pill Girls! Girls! Girls! I Don't Understand We Want Them Young If I Burn Scavenger Gaslight The Key Hell Is Empty Goodnight, Sweet Ladies Start Another…