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Hundred More Years (2011)

This Is The Stuff Constant You Never Are Angel By Your Side Motion Of Mercy Emily (It's Love) Good To Know So Long Don't Miss It Worth It Hundred More Years Hold Out For Love Something More

Himalayan (2014)

Asleep At The Wheel Himalayan Hoochie Coochie Cold Sweat Nightmares Brothers And Sisters I Guess I Know You Fairly Well You Are All That I Am Not I Feel Like Ten Men, Nine Dead And One Dying Toreador Heaven's Key Get Yourself…

Haciendo Historia (2013)

Vas A Llorar Por Mí Ni Caso Tiene Consecuencia De Mis Actos Creí El Rosario De Oro Somos Ajenos Quiero Ser Entonces Que Somos Regrésame Que Celoso Llegaste Haciendo Historia Me Fallaste El Nini

Heart (2012)

Blessed Are The Ones Even The Winter The Way You Move Sparrow Breaking You O My Soul Won Me Over No Turning Back Lament Wherever You Go Slow New Song