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10° Aniversario (2014)

El Viejito A/K/A Juanito El Comandante Por Las Calles De Chihuahua Hermosa Experiencia Pelo Chino Me Gustas Mucho Las Tundras Ni Las Moscas Se Te Paran Fiesta De Muerte Atrapada Hoy Vivo En El Alcohol Acabo De Enterarme La…

1999 (2012)

Summer Knights Waves Fromdatomb$ Survival Tactics Killuminati Hardknock World Domination Pennyroyal Funky Ho Daily Routine Snakes Don't Front Righteous Minds Where It At Suspect

90951 (2016)

Ghetto Fabulous Filtered Water Leftside Control Us Spread Love Heaven Yea Praise You Slow Motion Play Action Throw It Back II Black Man Hypocrite Hyperbolic Vibe Chamber

50 (2016)

Keep Singing Angels On My Side Wish Away This Old House Pieces God Says I Like The Sun Somebody Loves Me Let It Rain Pray With Me Coming Home Tonight Let It Be Tonight

5AM (2015)

I Found Spark Hurricane Noah Pilot 5AM Just My Soul Responding Good Morning Shiver See You Soon Don't Wanna Fight Where Do We Go From Here Little Ghost Heaven Kites

…For We Are Many (2010)

Now Let Them Tremble For We Are Many The Last Time Some Of The People, All Of The Time Won't Go Quietly Aggressive Opposition From The Outside Dead Wrong Faithless Hold On Keepers Of Fellow Man The Waiting One

5 (2013)

À Cause De L'automne Je Veux Bien 10 Ans Mon Chevalier Le Dernier Souffle Boxing Club Jeune Fille La Guerre En Dentelle Si Tu Es Un Homme Happy End Dans Mon Sac