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Khaos Legions (2011)

Khaos Overture Yesterday Is Dead And Gone Bloodstained Cross Under Black Flags We March No Gods, No Masters City Of The Dead Through The Eyes Of A Raven Cruelty Without Beauty Cult Of Chaos Thorns In My Flesh Vengeance Is Mine…

Knife Man (2011)

The Micheal Jordan Of Drunk Driving Gift Of The Magi 2: Return Of The Magi American Tune Back Pack Distance Fucc The Devil Hate, Rain On Me If You Have Love In Your Heart No One Sad Songs (Intermission) Zombie By The Cranberries…

Kids In The Street (2012)

Someday's Gone Beekeeper's Daughter Fast And Slow Heartbeat Slowing Down Walk Over Me Out The Door Kids In The Street Bleed Into Your Mind Gonzo Affection I For You Drown Next To Me Do Me Right

Know-It-All (2015)

Seventeen Here Outlaws I'm Yours Four Pink Walls Wild Things Stone Overdose Stars Scars To Your Beautiful Here (2:00 AM Version) River Of Tears My Song

Konkrete Jungle (2012)

Konkrete Jungle (Intro) Used To Know Remix CaShin Out (Re-remix) We On Samn Damn Time Remix Ain't Sayin Nothin Salute 100 Ya'll Be More Careful Call Da Police Throw Dat Put It On Me Slow Motion Get By

Konkrete (2011)

Hurt Somebody Keep Up Honey I'm Home Top Chef Still A Survivor So High Self Made Make It In The City Do It Long Gone Weekend Survivor Searching For Love Time Or Money Conspiracy