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Mythology (2010)

Words Heartbreaker Barker Of The UFO I Am The World The Singer Sang His Song Saved By The Bell My World Juliet Islands In The Stream Railroad Country Woman Angel Of Mercy Hold Her In Your Hand On Time The Bridge (Our Love)…

Mala (2013)

Golden Girls Daniel Für Hildegard Von Bingen Never Seen Such Good Things Mi Negrita Your Fine Petting Duck A Gain Won't You Come Over Cristobal Risquez Hatchet Wound Mala Won't You Come Home Taurobolium

Mirage Rock (2012)

Knock Knock How To Live Slow Cruel Hands Of Time A Little Biblical Shut-In Tourist Dumpster World Electric Music Everything's Gonna Be Undone Feud Long Vows Heartbreak On The 101 Bock

Museum (2012)

Fence Sitter Surrender Coming Down Bad Taste Blues, Pt. 1 Bad Taste Blues, Pt. 2 Cry With One Eye Great Display Of Patience High Court Pot Of Gold Cost Of Lifestyle Harbour Of Lame Ducks What's On Your Mind

Metal Resistance (2016)

Road Of Resistance Karate Awadama Fever (あわだまフィーバー; Bubble Fever) Yava! (ヤバッ! Yaba!) Amore (-蒼星-; Love: Blue Star) Meta Taro (メタ太郎) GJ! Sis. Anger No Rain, No Rainbow Tales Of The Destinies The One (English Version) Syncopation…

Megalithic Symphony (2011)

Some Sort Of Creature Soul Wars People Jump On My Shoulders Burn It Down Guilty Filthy Soul Kill Your Heroes My Nightmare's Dream Sail Wake Up Not Your Fault All I Need Knights Of Shame