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Release Me (2012)

Being Good Isn't Good Enough Didn't We Willow Weep For Me Try To Win A Friend I Think It's Going To Rain Today With One More Look At You Lost In Wonderland How Are Things In Glocca Morra? / Heather On The Hill Mother And Child If…

R&BW (2013)

The Way Good Good Loving Magic Find You Yes/No Low Key Do It To Me Be My Lover (Yes/No, Pt. 2) To My Unborn Child Mercy

Rejex (2012)

Intro Flow-ers Catharsis Indubitable oG killuminati Pantie Raid That Gushy Fantom Silent Night Oh, Deer (Beddar Daze) DSL (Da Special List) Update Little Rachel This Feelin'

Run (2015)

Run Fat Face Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) Jailbreak Kookseverywhere!!! I Am Headrest For My Soul Dreamers Windows Holy Roller Woman Woman Lie Love Live Love Like People, Like Plastic Drinking Lightning