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Viaje (2014)

Lo Poco Que Tengo Cavernícolas Nube De Luz Apnea Viaje Soldado Raso Vives Para Morir Tu Fantasma A La Luna En Bicicleta Piel Pecado Invertebrado Tu Boca Pedigrí Cisnes

Vital (2012)

Self-Starter Little Tyrants Other Side Someone Anyone Intentions Innocent Desires Type Three Orpheum Modern Age God, Drugs & Sex Unstable Safe Here Said Too Much No Love To Speak

Virtues (2010)

An Anthem For The Young At Heart The Girl Who Destroys Three Words Shine What Matters Most Conviction The Good Life The Best Mistake We Can't Fake This Burdens Of The Past Something To Be Said Forever

Voodoo (2010)

Voodoo Gonna Get It Look At Those Eyes L.A. Made Me A Little Bit Mr. Jones Superstition Trip Around The World Hurricane Girl Taker Boogie Love

Veritas (2012)

Amazing Walk Out Of Here All I Want Is You One Last Time Loaded Human Touch Watching It Burn Got Me Good Like God Into The Sun Nothing Else Matters Unforgiven Heart Rate

Vivada Vis! (1998)

Tearing Down The Walls Burning Bridges In The Name Of What? Shit Stroll (Nah Nah Nah) Eden Quest This Is Control National Myth Once Pure Un-thought Of Heros