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Yours, Dreamily, (2015)

Once We Begin (Intro) Outta My Mind Put A Flower In Your Pocket Pistol Made Of Bones Everything You Do (You Do For You) Stay In My Corner Cold Companion The Arc Nature's Child Velvet Ditch Chains Of Love Come & Go Rosie…

Young Legs (2013)

Breaker Young Legs 100 Steps Too Little, Too Late When You Sang To Me Anytime I'll Miss You Stolen Conversation Piece Shine You Have To Believe It Will Happen

You Have My Heart (2014)

You Have My Heart The Unknown Fight Forever Turn Around That's What I'm Looking For Light For You Coming Home Hide Your Love Away Closer Than The Angels Help You Stand Dear Hollywood

Youngbloods (2010)

I Hate Hartley Anchors H.M.A.S Look Back Fire Or Knife Youngbloods Dr. Thunder Olde English 800 No Sleep 'Til Brisbane R.I.P. Foghorn Fuck The Yankees 15 Pieces Of Flare Snicklefritz